shout-out to all the ms.marvel/captain marvel fans around here

there are selling a nifty carol shirt at the forever 21 site for $6


it kind of irritates me though when people put down the ‘ms. marvel’ title

Like, I agree, Captain Marvel is great and I am glad Carol has it now.

But what I DON’T like is people insulting the Ms. Marvel title.

If it was Marvelgirl, then yes, that would be insulting, because she’s not a girl, she’s a woman and absolutely no one would go around calling Batman Batboy instead, etc. (see also: my problems with Powergirl’s name) but Ms. Marvel is an adult name.

Just because it also indicates woman-ness does not make it weak, or less, or something that a ‘good character doesn’t deserve’.

How is Ms. Marvel any different from, oh say, Mr. Miracle’s name? Or Mister Fantastic?